Massage Therapies in Pregnancy

A very thoughtful client of mine bought her two friends Pregnancy Massages with me as a surprise to be carried out while they were visiting her. They were feeling very relaxed and pampered when they left and it inspired me to share a bit more information about this lovely therapy.

Pregnancy Massage involves normal Swedish massage techniques, but as you can see from the photo showing how the couch is set up for today’s ladies, after 18 weeks you should be in a semi-reclining position, on your side, to ensure the blood flow to the baby is not compromised. Pillows and towels are used to provide plenty of support, and a blanket to keep you warm.

Your massage therapist should be trained in adaptations such as positioning, techniques, oils that can and can’t be used and contraindications for massage. They should also have appropriate insurance and you should obtain permission from your GP or midwife. You should not have massage before 13 weeks.

Benefits of Massage in Pregnancy:-

> Increases maternal circulation – this has benefits for mother and baby, as the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the placenta is increased as well as the blood flow to all tissues of the body.

> Alleviates muscular pain caused by postural changes and the loosening of joints

> Improves lymphatic function (removal of waste products from the tissues), stimulating the immune system and decreasing oedema (swollen ankles!)

> Helps soothe tension and promote relaxation

> Provides nurturing, non-medical attention focused on the mother

> Helps to maintain muscle tone, facilitating structural and muscular realignment after the birth

> Promotes well-being and reduces risk of ‘baby blues’.

Reflexology is also a great therapy to help alleviate symptoms experienced during pregnancy such as nausea, heartburn, tiredness and irritability. My Pregnancy Package combines massage and reflexology for a top to toe nurturing experience.

Massage Therapies in Pregnancy
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